Data engineer

We love Office-first to solve problems quickly as a team,
foster Hyper innovations and creativity.

“Search sucks”

We are a fast-growing AI startup from Stockholm with a mission to eradicate searches. 

How do we do that?

Through HyperBrain, our proprietary NLP model that is pre-trained with millions of data. 

We have a growing waitlist of users that are ready for our beta and we want you to join us in delivering the smartest experience for them.

The challenge

125 billion work emails are created per day and our goal is to Hypertype them. This means, we have to design an interactive experience that can present the needed information for our users before they search. 

This information is not just context-aware but also instantaneous, integrated and always in real-time. 

We are launching live, so this is a perfect time for you to join us as our data engineer and take the lead in setting up the data infrastructure for scaling.  


  • Experience working as Data Engineer 
  • Experience working with Python 
  • Experience working with cloud platforms, preferably the Google Cloud Platform
  • Experience in building data pipelines, datalakes and data monitoring
  • Knowledge of data segmentation techniques

Bonus Skills

  • Data warehouse and architecture competences is a plus
  • Knowledge and experience of Data Security and GDPR is a plus

Why join us?

We are backed by top VCs and we have access to the best minds within NLP. 

Competitive salary + stock options and the possibility to join the founding team. 

Let us find your answer in a world without search. 

Stop searching, just apply!

To apply, send your CV to