Teenie Fung
Co-founder & CEO
September 23, 2022
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How to Clone yourself and Write Emails faster as a CEO

If you're a busy CEO, you probably have a lot on your plate. Between managing your team, attending meetings, and making strategic decisions, you may find it hard to keep up with your inbox. Fortunately, there are tools and strategies you can use to write emails faster in Gmail and stay organized amid the noise of GPT tools.

To illustrate the power of these tools, let's consider a short story. Imagine you're a CEO who relies on a secretary to reply to your emails. However, you find that your secretary is always busy and can't keep up with your workload. You feel frustrated and overwhelmed, thinking that you're either going to have to invest in hiring an assistant or sacrifice precious time responding to emails yourself.

But then you discover a suite of powerful tools that revolutionizes your email workflow. By leveraging GPT tools, as well as other platforms like Notion and Calendly, you're able to respond to 50 emails a day in just 30 minutes. No longer do you need to rely on an overworked assistant; instead, you can use Hypertype—a virtual email assistant that reads, understands your schedule and products, and replies to your emails on your behalf.

Tips and tricks to send emails within Gmail

Use keyboard shortcuts: This may seem like an obvious one, but many people overlook the power of keyboard shortcuts. By memorizing a few key commands, you can quickly navigate through your inbox, compose new emails, and perform other tasks. Start by learning some of the most common shortcuts, like "c" to compose a new email, "e" to archive a message, and "r" to reply.

Set up canned responses: If you find yourself sending the same types of emails over and over again, consider setting up canned responses. These are pre-written templates that you can quickly insert into your emails. For example, if you frequently receive inquiries about your business's pricing structure, you can create a canned response that outlines your rates and policies. This can save you a lot of time and ensure that your responses are consistent and accurate.

Notion is a great knowledge platform

Notion is a powerful platform that allows teams to organize and share information. By using Notion to store your product and service information, you can quickly reference this information when responding to emails. This can reduce the amount of time you spend searching for information, allowing you to respond faster and with greater accuracy.

Book your meetings with Calendly

Use Calendly to manage your appointments: If you frequently schedule appointments via email, you may find that this process is time-consuming and prone to errors. But by using Calendly, you can streamline your scheduling process. Calendly allows you to create a custom booking page that integrates with your calendar. This means that you can simply send a link to your booking page to anyone who wants to schedule a meeting with you. They can then select a time slot that works for them, and the appointment will be automatically added to your calendar.

Use Hypertype to replace your assistant

Perhaps the most revolutionary tool on this list is Hypertype. This virtual email assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to read, understand, and respond to your emails on your behalf. It uses deep learning algorithms to understand your personal writing style, as well as your company's products and services. This means that it can respond to emails in a way that is consistent with your brand and tone of voice. Hypertype can also learn from your feedback, meaning that it gets smarter over time. It's like having your own personal secretary, but without the associated costs and time commitments.

As a busy CEO, you don't have time to waste on tedious email tasks. By leveraging the tools and strategies outlined in this post, you can streamline your email workflow and respond to messages faster than ever before. From setting up canned responses to using AI-powered tools like Hypertype, there are a range of options available to help you navigate the noise of GPT tools and focus on what matters most—growing your business. So why not give them a try and see how much time you can save?


Teenie Fung

CEO, Hypertype