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Streamline your email replies in Gmail with your own brand voice.
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Billed monthly. 7-day Free Trial.
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Everything in Starter, plus:
45 Generations / month
Reply using Individual data
Reply in Gmail inbox
3 Data Sources:
- 1,000 historical emails (Gmail)
- 5 files
- 1 Calendly link
- Limited Website pages
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Reply in 95 languages
for growing teams and businesses
Supercharge your team's productivity in Gmail with seamless data flow.
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Unlimited Generations
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- 10,000 historical emails (Gmail)
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- Unlimited no of Notion pages
- Unlimited Website pages
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Instant data access anywhere tailoring to your company needs.
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Custom data source integrations
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Team spaces & Data Collaboration
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Performance analytics & insights
Global team data access in 95 languages & cross-markets
Enterprise plan

Supercharge your team productivity with custom data integrations and use Hypertype in any interface or directly through an API. Seamlessly sync your data from knowledge bases, CMS or business systems into Hyperbrain. Our solution can be customized to meet your needs.

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Teenie Fung
CEO and Co-founder

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Support 95 languages

Automatically detect the language of incoming emails
and generate a reply the same language.

Your data is cross-border and multilingual.

The AI assistant understands your knowledge in different languages and
disseminate answers across different countries and teams
in the languages they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer free trials?
Yes, you can try Hypertype free for 7 days - no credit card required. Currently, we also provide a personalized 30-minute onboarding call to get you up and running as soon as possible.

During the free trial, there are limitations on the amount of data you can upload and connect. To unlock more features and enjoy greater access, simply sign up for our paid plan. Upgrade today for increased data capacity and seamless connectivity.
How long does it take before I can use Hypertype?
Experience the power of Hypertype by effortlessly connecting your data in just one click. Sit back and relax as our advanced AI processes your data, typically within 24-48 hours, depending on the volume of data. Once the processing is complete, start Hyper-typing and see your email replies automatically enriched with relevant data. Embrace the seamless integration and enhanced productivity Hypertype brings to your workflow.

You can still start using immediately without syncing your data. However, please note that your emails will be limited to generic replies. We highly recommend syncing your data to unlock personalized email experiences. Don't miss out on enhanced email personalization—sync your data today!
How does Hypertype handle data privacy?
We take data privacy very seriously. All our services are hosted in Europe and are designed to adhere to GDPR regulations. Rest assured, no customer data is used for model training, retraining, or improvement. Moreover, at any given time, users are entitled to request the deletion of their data. You can read more here for more detailed understanding of our privacy policy.
Is my data kept within my reach?
At our company, privacy is of utmost importance. Ensuring secure and encrypted data storage is our top priority. All data is encrypted with TLS in transit and AES at rest. We strictly adhere to data segregation, with each company, team, and individual being organized in separate silos. This ensures that there is no data transmission between entities. Rest assured, your data is safe with us.

With Mini Plan, your email conversations remain private while only the uploaded documents are shared. Enjoy enhanced data security and seamless collaboration! Upgrade now for a more streamlined and secure experience.

With Infinity Plan, you can effortlessly enhance collaboration and productivity by seamlessly sharing data across teams. Saving countless of hours forwarding and missing information in teams!
Will Hyperbrain get smarter over time?
Undoubtedly Yes! Hyperbrain learns and reranks your data. As our AI ingests more data, it also cross-learn from multiple sources you have connected or uploaded. Your Hyperbrain gets more personalised to your domain, you and your team like a personal secretary!

Boost the intelligence level of your Hyperbrain by connecting with your teammates. By leveraging Hyperbrain's vast knowledge, you can unlock valuable insights among sea of messy and unstructured data. In addition, expand your knowledge pool and enhance your 'brain power' by tapping into diverse data sources.

You can also further customize your own company tone and personalize your data integration further with us. Upgrade to Hyperbrain Infinity Plan for Teams to access this feature.
Is Hypertype also available in other tools or platforms?
Currently, we work in Gmail interface. As a Gmail user, you can upload your PDFs, excel files; and Connect your Hyperbrain with your Gmail email history, Notion pages and Calendly link with Hypertype.

If you need a custom integration, we're happy to build it for you. Please talk to sales.
How can I sign up my team?
Super! The fastest way is sign to up, navigate to Plans and Billing, and then when you order select the number of seats. You can also contact Our team will set it up shortly with the appointed admin and billing account.