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Fetch, Match and tweak your answers have never been easier

HyperBrain Mini
For individuals and small teams.
Early-bird pricing and Unlimited usage (limited time only)

$ 20.00 USD

$ 4.99 USD
Per person/ month
30-day free trial – cancel anytime
Generate unlimited email replies
Only your own Emails
Your own Hyperbrain
10 Tones
HyperBrain Infinity
For growing and large teams.
Early-bird pricing and Unlimited usage (limited time only)

$80.00 USD

$ 19.99 USD
Per person/ month
Private Team
Generate unlimited email replies
Team Emails, Docs & Website FAQs
Team Hyperbrain
10 Tones
First-line support
Create your Hyperbrain Universe - People leave, but knowledge stays!

From emails to other tools like Notion, Intercom, Hubspot etc. Create an unimaginably connected Company Brain with all your knowledge in one place. Instant information at your finger tips.

Customize and Automate your company data flow today.

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Capability of answering complex issues

General questions
Complex questions
New questions outside the company database
Company and
Industry Knowledge
Shared Team Knowledge
Update new information in database
Learn and Use new Customer insights
Personalised answers with human touch
Cost to maintain

Instant, Real-time

Instant, Real-time

Automatic, Real-time
Multi-data source


Human Operator


Work experience
Manual, Individual

Manual, Slow
Scattered data


Unable to answer

Unable to answer

Pre-written script

Manual, Technical



Support 95 languages

Get knowledge and Reply-to Customers in different languages.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take before I can use Hypertype?

You will be able to start using immediately without any technical set-up after downloading our Chrome Extension. Our Hyperbrain AI might take several hours to analyze your emails depending on the volume of emails you have.

How do I make my Hyperbrain smarter?

We encourage users to plug in Hypertype in your entire team. The more knowledge Hyperbrain gathers, the more insights you and your team will reply with. In addition, by uploading your internal FAQ, you will also increase your knowledge pool and 'brain power'. Contact us to access this feature with Hyperbrain Infinity Plan.

Is Hypertype also available in other tools or platforms?

Currently, we are only open to Gmail users. We are working towards making Hypertype more available to other users in the near future. Stay tune!

Is Hypertype powered by ChatGPT?

Hypertype is integrated with the same technology that ChatGPT also uses to help you structure your email better. The magic of Hypertype lies upon our own prioprietary technology we have developed over the last few years called Hypermatch. This helps you instantly find answers from your unstructured data specific to your company. You get the best of both world using Hypertype.

How can I sign up as a team and not individual?

Contact sales under Pricing page and we will fix that for you shortly.