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Hypertype - Write emails 10x faster using AI + your email history | Product Hunt

AI that Drafts your Email replies with the most relevant information
from your emails, documents, excel sheet and knowledge base.

All this in just a click.

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We make it extremely easy that you can clone and create your Company Brain in a click.
Hyperbrain® is a Vector Database that remembers and unifies all your data sources to generate replies.

Fly through your emails with rapid-fire intelligent replies.
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Protect your Company Data

Data encryption at rest (AES-256) and in transit (TLS 1.2+)

Data used for training only upon request

GDPR Compliant

CASA Tier 2 certificate

More than just a Chrome extension

Save time from writing the same piece of information over and over again.
Our goal is to streamline your company data and incorporate into your daily business communications.

1. Connect your Sources

Use your existing information to create your knowledge network in Hyperbrain.

Connect data sources in Hypertype
2. Customize & Generate reply

Hypertype not only includes your info into replies, you can also prompt our AI what to do.

Tell the AI what to write with Hypertype
3. Verify source, Edit and Send

Check where the information is from, make edits if necessary and then send.

Send email replies with your information - Hypertype
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Hypertype ensures you that you can provide the attention every customer need.

You can do more in less amount of time and that impact how much work you get done and in the end also revenue.
Even Osterhaug
Sales @Otovo, Norway
Since we started using Hypertype we’ve had more time to focus on customer care because Hypertype has made it possible for us to stop wasting time on repetitive emails.  

Since we are a fast growing company, Hypertype has been specially helpful for our new coworkers during their onboarding while learning about the product.
Mathilda Chahla
Customer Success @ Mynt
Hypertype is an intuitive email tool that saves me tons of time. I no longer have to spend hours writing and editing repetitive emails.

Instead, I can quickly create and send personalized messages that really connect with my clients.
Oscar Nyquist
Sales @ Ingrid.com
We always want to give our customers the best possible experience by being knowledgeable within the electric car industry. I need to make sure that I give the knowledge they need before making a purchase.

Hypertype is helping me everyday by replying to long and complex emails without losing the personal touch. I only need to tweak the email and press send.
Erik Green
Senior Sales @ Carla.se
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