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The Smartest business email experience ever made

Combining AI, domain expertise and human touch for smartest sales communications

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Hypertype is intelligent, fast and bright. 

Advanced features that makes you send your emails at hyper speed and quality.

No more endless search results.

No more long email threads.

No more recurring mistakes.

Solving your sales rep's email pains is the next big thing.


wasted per week on managing sales emails


of work time wasted on writing emails

(only 1/3 of the day selling)


daily emails sent per salesperson


Costs of communications per 1000 employees

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We are reinventing machine-to-human conversations using context awareness.

We harness the power of Natural Language Process to extract and select most relevant past emails from your team or your own emails that fits to your new 'Reply-to' email.


We aim to achieve personalized replies by providing both domain expertise and human touch.


No manual integration needed, simply download our plugin and all is done for you automatically.

Efficient & Continuous Learning loop

Pre-filled conversations from past learnings and continuous automatic content improvement via machine learning, without exiting your email. 

High Quality &


Scientifically validate past performing emails in your industry and topic that provides a shortlist of recommended emails in real-time.

Remarkable Mood

No more angry emails sent in the wrong way. Appropriate sentiment and tone are automatically checked with our machine

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'Reply All Emails' rule nonsense and lack of knowledge sharing, costs companies millions each year, destroys sales productivity, causes employee frustrations and demotivation. Today, salespeople spend 60% of their time maintaining CRM technologies rather than selling.

A team led by researchers from the University of California, conducted a study on the effects of email, also found that employees, who tend to write anxious e-mails to clear emails quickly, were more likely to care less on email quality and contain words that expressed anger. 

By leveraging the power of AI, we can unlock the untapped information trapped in emails, providing fresh content and sentiment check for sales employees to close more deals.

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Unprecedented Velocity. Impeccable Relevancy.

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