Supercharge your Support team in complex and dynamic scenarios  

Hypertype makes data flow seamlessly in one-click. Zero technical set-up.
No more Zapier integrations or prompting.

Answer ever-changing customer needs

Turn your product data into conversations

Different customers have different needs. Hypertype customizes your customer emails based on the customer lifecycle, your service processes and makes decisions on what information is or is not necessary to show.

Easy data access in a click

Your data merged in any dialogue

All your text data is synced instantly and is available on outreach, follow up or any types of emails. With data interoperability, Hypertype reads the email context and matches the most relevant information without losing the meaning of texts.

Always on top

Dominate multiple markets with scalable knowledge

Have your knowledge stored in Swedish but need to reply in English? Hypertype understands your data and writes in 95 languages. No more translation needed.