We live in this information-overload era, and we are still manually searching for information in many different tools. Let us find your answer in a world without search.

Beatrice Baltscheffsky and Teenie Fung

Our Story

We are Hypertypers, redefining the future of search communications. In 2021, Teenie and Beatrice met bonded over a decade long of frustrating personal pains, on today’s overwhelming usage of tools for different types of information systems.

Both believe that this is the start of the new Hyper-typing era, where we humans should not spend time on manual search but rather leave it for the machine to do the matchmaking process for data.

Since then, we created Hyperbrain, powered by Natural Language Processing, to help companies form information automatically and make people’s daily work life easier.

Meet the Hypertypers

We are an innovative group of creatives.

Teenie Fung
CEO, Co-founder

Teenie sees every challenge as an opportunity. She scaled NLP applications and believes that automating work pains using AI can serve a better living and social impact for the human race.

She loves how technology is constantly improving and looks for opportunities to commercialize AI in the best way possible to make information accessible.

Beatrice Baltscheffsky
CMO, Co-founder

Beatrice is an optimistic problem solver that rather sees the glass half full than half empty. She loves people and building relationships both within the team and with Hypertypes customers.

She promotes efficiency so she always tries to come up with new ideas on how Hypertype can help people be more productive in their daily work.

Henry Lee

Henry is a result oriented, organized and driven person with a passion for ensuring quality in delivery. He loves to learn new things and is inspired by the book “Atomic Habits” by James Clear.

Henry’s great analytical skills makes him an efficient problem solver that can navigate in complex environments. He sees every challenge is an opportunity to grow and learn from it.

Tim Isbister
Head of ML

Tim is a practical ML Engineer who is passionate about coming up with new solutions for new problems. He is hands-on, up to date with the latest NLP research.

He is confident in the whole process of building something that can be put into production.

Alexander Tuoma
ML Engineer

Alexander is a curious problem-solver with expertise in deep learning, NLP and speech recognition technology. He likes to discuss new ideas and build it together.

He is passionate about building innovative solutions that brings value to the end customer.

Mehmood Ul Haq
Software Engineer

Mehmood's a quick learner. He has keen interest in learning new technologies and love to gain as much experience as he can by helping the team and having a clear vision towards company mission.

Mehmood watches a lot of Anime/Series, loves photography, singing & intellectual deep talks.

Head of Joy

Hermes loves a cuddle. His favourite job in office is tug of war with his ultrasonic-silent squirrel.

Chief Energy Officer

Big as a bull but kind and energetic - The real ferdinand.

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