A Living Brain for your Company

Hyperbrain AI integrates your company data from different sources, creates knowledge from a sea of data, retrieves and drafts emails with the best relevant answers.


The AI knowledge assistant
answering any of your customers.

AI- based expert suggestions
in real-time.

Hyperbrain® AI creates knowledge set every millisecond and FAQs from your synced data, accumulating similar customer question patterns for your team without manual work. Then reads incoming contexts, retrieves and predicts the best answers in different customer situations.


Automatically ranks your answer relevancy.

Hyperbrain® AI learns from how you answer your customers in different lifecycle e.g. Special offer for different groups, dealing with card issues depending on payment methods
Verify Data Source Answers rank by % relevancy matched to the incoming question  Show source origin

Data instantly synced
in one-click.

Centralize your data across tools e.g. documents, sheets, CRMs within split seconds into Hyperbrain®, Your team can keep updating information in their preferred tools without breaking habit, while Hyperbrain® organizes, sorts and scores information based on relevancy.

Almost Sounds like you.

Hypertype learns your favourite phrases and word of choice. Pulls your most used or recent links or similar content without you copying and pasting over and over again.

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Fly through your customer emails within seconds not days.

Global knowledge assets

Add, delete or manage your shared assets

Talk with AI

Add new info or email style - memorized by our AI


Get more inspirations and variations

Not so boring templates

Rephrase your shared templates in a click

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Automatically expands your team brain

Hyperbrain® AI resyncs, detects new information and reranks answers from all connected tools every 2 hours.